About Us!

We are LIVE FREEDOM BRAND, the champions of movement!! 
"EMBRACE YOUR GREATNESS". Is the motto our founder Alexander "Rob" Simms, lives by, This native Honduran worked in the fashion industry, after finishing his athletic collegiate career, where he was a 3 sport athlete.
He decided to blend his love for fashion, technology & music with an active lifestyle.  Based out of Arlington, Texas, Live Freedom Brand aim is to spread our message
 "EXPRESS WHO YOU ARE" through our apparel is what we seek.  We want to create a community where like minded individuals support and enlighten each other. Through promoting education, philanthropy and Volunteering.

10% of our annual proceeds go toward our "Back to School" project. Where we provide school supplies to schools throughout Dallas and New York  for underfunded school districts. (If you want to know how you can HELP-  Please reach out to us through social media)

Welcome to the Live Freedom Brand Movement!  The start of a  new revolution., 
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