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About Us!

We are LIVE FREEDOM BRAND, the champions of movement, and a vehicle for change. Currently based out of Dallas, Texas, LVFRDM Brands aim is to spread our message of FREEDOM and EXPRESSION. Our clothing blends modern style and creativity with the best material possible. Live Freedom has deep roots in vintage culture, music and an active lifestyle.
 "EXPRESS WHO YOU ARE" is the Live Freedom Brand mantra - believing in yourself and following your dreams. We promote positivity, adventure, success, and excitement. If you're looking for a brand that truly understands and represents your lifestyle, Live Freedom sets the tone.
LIVE FREEDOM BRAND is dedicated to making the absolute softest and best fitting products on the market, our hand-sewn pieces are carefully crafted, hand-washed, and hand-finished - creating the absolute perfect fit. We stand by our quality, and our care for the environment.
Our printed apparel is eco-friendly water based inks, and we only work with upstanding, socially conscious factories in the world to bring you the best possible products.
Welcome to the Live Freedom Brand Movement!  The start of a  new revolution., 
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